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Equal Opportunities Policy

Care Crown Ltd aims to be an inclusive organisation where everyone is treated with respect and dignity, and where there is equal opportunity for all. The National Archives respects and values the diversity of its staff and users.

This means that all Care Crown Ltd staff and users should understand and respect that there is a diverse work force and user community and that everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and equality. This includes the legal and ethical requirement for Care Crown Ltd to provide public services and conditions of employment that are appropriate to the needs of a diverse society.

Valuing diversity means that we recognise that we all have complex identities made up of many strands. These can include, but are not limited to, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical and metal aptitudes, nationality, socio-economic status, and religious, political or other beliefs. This means we embrace and celebrate our differences in a positive environment, and are committed to engage with the needs of our diverse staff and users to enable us, both individually and corporately, to achieve our aims.

Care Crown Ltd will tackle barriers to participation and create a culture in which equal opportunities and equal treatment are a priority for all staff and users. In the recruitment, training, pay and management of staff, and in all our day-to-day work with both colleagues and users, we seek to create an environment where attitudes and biases that hinder the progress of individuals and groups are dismantled and where we work together in mutual respect and tolerance.

Management Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of directors and managers:

  • ensure that the standards established within this policy are adhered to within their own area of responsibility
  • familiarise themselves with the procedures in all Equal Opportunities documentation
  • ensure that they are not instructing employees to act in a discriminatory manner
  • ensure they are not putting pressure on employees to discriminate
  • bring the details of the policy and procedure documents to the attention of all staff
  • ensure that information on equal opportunities is incorporated in all induction processes for new or temporary staff and is supported by ongoing training

Staff Responsibilities

  • co-operate with any measures introduced to ensure equality of opportunity
  • report any discriminatory acts or practices
  • not induce or attempt to induce others to practice unlawful discrimination
  • not victimise anyone as a result of them having reported or provided evidence of discrimination
  • not harass, abuse, bully or intimidate others

Legal Responsibilities

Over and above the provisions set out in its own policy and procedures, care Crown Ltd is also bound by certain legal responsibilities in the field of equal opportunities. These include:

  • The Race Relations Act 1976 (as amended)
  • The Equal Pay Act 1970, Equal Pay (Amendment) Regulation 1983 and Sex Discrimination Act 1975 and 1986 (as amended)
  • Disability Discrimination Act 1995
  • European Law

Health & Safety Policy

It is an important duty of this organisation, in the conduct of its business operations, to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all its employees. The organisation accepts the fact that this implies a corresponding duty of ensuring that necessary organisation, equipment and training is provided to fulfil this obligation.

An effective health and safety policy requires the full collaboration and co-operation of all employees; everybody is asked to read this policy and accept their own personal responsibility for health and safety at work.

It is the responsibility of management:

  • to maintain the spirit and letter of the principles incorporated in the relevant legislation to ensure the safest systems of work and a safe, healthy working environment by consultation and joint involvement of management and employees, to enlist the active interest, participation and support of employees in promoting good standards.

It is the responsibility of every employee:

  • to take all reasonable care for the health and safety of him/herself and of fellow employees and to report any hazard which cannot be controlled personally
  • to co-operate with the organisation by observing safety rules and complying with any measures designed to ensure a safe and healthy working environment.
  • The role of ‘safety co-ordinator’ is of vital importance for maintaining a continuous and critical scrutiny of working conditions throughout the workplace, reviewing safety performance and promoting safer working.

The managing director accepts ultimate responsibility for health and safety within the organisation as a whole. All managers and employees generally are expected to support and implement this policy wholeheartedly.

Accessibility Statement

We will develop staff awareness and understanding of disability discrimination, access issues and the promotion of disability equality throughout the organisation.

Support and advice on these issues can be sought from a number of training products available within the company

The organisation is aware of the access needs of disabled staff and visitors.

We will begin by ensuring the information needs of existing disabled staff are being met and consider what required to respond to the needs of future disabled staff.

Sustainability Statement

Care Crown Ltd recognises that adopting a sustainable approach across all its operations is the only way that the true benefits of such an approach can be realised and truly improve the company's contribution to society in this arena. This approach means that the impacts of any improvements are significant and wide reaching, and will generate a genuine contribution towards a sustainable approach.

We are striving to adopt an 'holistic and sustainable' approach to producing environmentally friendly web sites by considering what we do as an organisation. This includes looking to reduce the use of resources including a 10% reduction in our carbon footprint within three years with the use of online and virtual meetings as opposed to face-to-face meetings whenever possible.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Wherever possible we will look to promote business activities that bring simultaneous economic, social and environmental benefits.

We will look to encourage innovative approaches and continuing development and application of best practice

We will ensure we have decent minimum levels of performance in areas such as health & safety, the environment and equal opportunities

We will encourage increased awareness, open constructive dialogue and trust