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Quality Care is our motto. Providing our clients with excellent staff who exceeds their expectation is our passion. That is why we are trusted by many private care organisations. We have a vast pool of highly skilled, vetted and experienced nurses and carers ready to respond to a last minute requirement and who are committed to making a difference in the lives of the patients they care for.

Our 3 core areas of expertise are: Recruitment experience with easy reach into a large community of excellent nurses, growing links with private care organisations and, a passion to provide the best nurses and carers available to fulfil the short-term requirements of our clients.

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Advantage of Using BlessCare

  • Always on hand, 24 x 7 to provide you exceptional service.
  • 24 Hrs Hotline Number 07500798810
  • Managed and staffed by Registered Nurses through a no nonsense approach
  • We provide the right nursing staff, at the right time, when you need them.
  • We have a unique compliance system in place to ensure all renewable registrations and Mandatory Training requirements are up todate.
  • BlessCare sources, trains and recruits nurses and carers who are capable and keen to work in demanding and challenging environments.
  • We do this work by way of business choice. We enjoy what we do and take pride in doing this work well. The ability to build upon our existing relationships in a way that benefits hardworking and intelligent people, combined with the outcome of improving the quality of service in the Care Homes we serve- one nurse at a time- is a very worthy cause that inspires us each day.
  • Our service is designed to streamline the recruitment process for Care Homes and the hiring managers tasked with the responsibility of securing a dedicated, qualified and capable workforce.